E-books are the new digital storytellers, that come with the advantage of multi-content support which includes videos, infographics, written material etc.

Iris Publishers Group give authors the option of creating e-books, in PDF and e-print formats, in the highest quality available, to ensure their content easily accessible and can be shared across all devices and platforms.

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The digital wave has changed the way we consume content. From newspapers to magazines, content is read on all devices and screen resolutions. We now also offer authors the ability to publish their work in e-publishing format.

This format accommodates different styles of content; written, videos, illustrations, infographics, GIFs, blended into a seamless reading experience.

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Video Articles

Rise in video content has made it easier for readers to visualizeand better understand research concepts and theories. This has led to faster adoption of research work that is presented to multiple audiences.

We encourage authors to create short videos to support their manuscripts and increase visibility and engagement. Manuscripts may have 1-2 long videos or a series of smaller videos.

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