About Us

Iris Publishers Group is an online open access platform that is committed to the continuous growth and support of accurate, verified and free information shared from across all disciplines of scientific research. We want to open the world up to new possibilities, being tested across the world to ensure we rid our planet of diseases, catastrophes and other harmful situations through meticulously created and tested cures and plans. From curing diseases to supporting new methods of agriculture, there is so much out there for us to contribute to, in terms of knowledge.

As an open access publication, we follow a policy that gives readers the power to behold knowledge the knowledge they need, in the format they need and any time and place, as they need it. We strive to give the online scientific research community a platform to share ideas, build on each other's work and really collaborate on big solutions that can change the world.

Iris Publishers Group want to be at the centre of the knowledge sourcing from prominent scholars, academicians, researchers, scientists, and students, and support their causes and research work to see the light of day and stay in the limelight for as long as it’s relevant and important. Our various journals cover a wide range of scientific research topics, giving us a large, diverse readership. This creates a good impact for authors who publish with us, as their work reaches the far corners of the earth and gives them the visibility they deserve.

Having said that, due to the nature of readers and the impact they provide, we hold our publication to the highest of standards. We only accept high quality content, that is accurate, original and of great relevance to the current time. We do not accept content that is up for review with another publisher and will not allow content that is in our review process to be published elsewhere. We also follow a strict plagiarism policy and work alongside with authors to better their work through the peer review process before publishing it to our platform.

Our renowned Editorial Boards boasts of some of the worlds’ most prominent academicians and scholars with knowledge that pans across all fields of scientific research. This makes our peer review system a fast and but enlightening experience for authors, students and others starting out in the field of scientific research.

We publish research work in all digital formats, be it PDFs, HTMLs, video audio, etc. and accept content in various styles; manuscripts, opinion letters, research papers, perspective articles, surveys and findings, case reports etc. Depending on the type of work submitted, our Editorial board will set a timeline and work you to build high quality content that is the best representation of your work.

Benefits of publishing with Iris Publishers Group:

  • Wide range of journals to choose from.
  • International readership - higher impact of published work - increased reach
  • One of the fastest peer review processes in publishing
  • An online scientific community that includes reputed schulars and readers

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Our Vision

Iris Publishers Group has always wanted to be a beacon of positive change and growth in the world. By publishing content that is important, we share information that can better lives and create a long-lasting impact on the world. As a part of this huge global scientific community, we believe it's our duty to spread knowledge, learnings, and insights and pave the way to build a platform where all world-class solutions can be showcased.

Our contribution to the world of scientific research is backed our strong policies and resources, something we hold to the highest standards. We strive to support our authors in every way possible, not just by giving them a window to the world, but by helping them polish their work up and building a presentable facade for their work to be displayed to the world.

Iris Publishers Group pride ourselves on our ability to not just seek and identify unique, valuable work but to then collaborate on it and then turn into a diamond of content, through the publication process, giving our readership and the world content that is exclusive, free and easily accessible any time, anywhere.

Over a period of time, our aim is to keep improving our content, finding diverse topics, research findings etc. and publishing authentic and niche data that is exclusive to our platform. We want to broaden our scope by introducing new journals, more visual content in the form of videos etc. and provide a central place for data on all scientific information.

Our mission for the publication is:

  • Contribute to the fields of various scientific disciplines by publishing research work that is original, of high quality, accurate and well presented
  • Spread knowledge and scientific know how across the world, through our diverse online readership and scientific community
  • Support scholars and researchers through our world class peer review system
  • Continuously working on bettering the quality of the publication and its content by inviting and involving the best reviewers and scholars to our Editorial Board.

Come and be a part of this vision by reading our content and supporting our authors here.

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